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about company

The company "?ula" Ltd. was established in 01.05.2005, in the restructuring process and the allocation "not a mining" activities of JP PEU-Resavica and in that moment it was employed 32 workers, currently 136. The main task of the activity initially planned feeding „Rembas“ mine workers from Resavica, and immediately after the foundation has been significantly improved and offer facilities in the so-called open-type restaurant with accommodation "?ula" in Resavica and motels "Sre?no" in Vodna. Just two months after the foundation, to company is joined motel "Rudar" in Baljevac. In subsequent years, the company expanded its capacity and activity, opening stores in the mine Bogovina, then opening the facilities for accommodation and food workers Lubnica mine, and then opening facilities in mines Soko and Jasenovac. At the same time expands the supply of buildings and open-opening restaurants hostel "Lisine" in Strmosten and restaurants "DIT" in Resavica. New extension activities followed the formation of „Groups to clean“ in mine "Rembas" and the „Group for construction works“, which is in addition to planning and maintaining their own buildings and facilities, facilities in JP PEU then started and external provision of services to users who have a need for it. In addition to the above-mentioned extension was opened stores in mine Vodna, own bakery in Resavica. The company "?ula" Ltd. currently performs the following activities: catering, trade, tourism, provision of services: cleaning, administrative and craft works. - Preduze?e