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natural beauty

"Resava Cave" is the biggest and most interesting cave in the area and one of the nicest and most interesting in Serbia. The cave consists of three floors channels total length of 2830m. For sightseeing are only open for the first and second floor, a distance of about 800m. When touring can meet eight halls of unusual names, which carries stalactites and stalagmites in them. With its wealth of decoration reflects the nature of the game through the centuries, leaving an impressive impression on every visitor. Waterfall "Veliki Buk" is located near the Resava Cave. Arises from streams of the Great spring its height is close to 20m, one of the largest waterfalls in Serbia. This beautiful natural object will delight you with its beauty and its power of water that falls down in Broad hatch. Waterfall "Prskalo", located on the mountain Ku?aj above Resavica and is the epitome of untouched nature "oasis of peace and beauty“ and the walls of some 15m high flows and breaks clear mountain stream. In an environment of beautiful nature, you can enjoy the magic of this water falls. Here you can feel the magic power of nature.